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 Fluid Bed Dryer  High Precision Fluidize Fast Drying & Agglomerating Process Technic  Application & Process : 1. Prism Fluid Bed Processing involves fast drying, cooling and agglomeration of particulate materials. It is ideal for heat sensitive and non heat sensitive products in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Biochemical, Food and Dairy Industries. 2. The Fluid Bed Dryer have a bed of solid particles which are fluidized by passing a stream of air upward through a specially designed perforated sheet. The upward velocity of air is so maintained so as to slightly lift the solid particles and set them in motion. This motion can be utilized to bring about mixing as well as forward movement of the solids particles. The air is heated and the process hot air evaporates the fluid and dries the solids. Fines get agglomerated to larger granules particles thus providing large size. 3. The machine is designed with correct volume of bowl, air velocity, direction and the temperature of the clean inlet air is maintained throughout the fluidization, retarding, and expansion chambers, filtration area, pitch of the perforations of the plate at the bottom of product container, the leak-proof fluidization space by proper sealing, material of the filters and process controls with electrical & pneumatically. 4. The uniform drying is achieved by exposing the full surface of every particles of the solid mass to the incoming high velocity hot air. 5. Option for the process parameters are controlled by using latest PLC controls with HMI touch screen thus making equipment operationally safe and eliminating the possibility of human error. The process consistency with batch records is maintained for every batch every time. 6. The equipment can be inbuilt CIP system gives a thoroughly cleaned equipment for every batch eliminating contamination of subsequent batches.  Salient Features : • Design is cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance. • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304. • Single piece construction with Integrated retarding expansion chamber cum filter bag housing • Batch type dryer with available capacity 30 kg to 500 kg. Batch size • Pneumatic Sealing of Filter Bag and Product container by inflatable silicon rubber tube. • Inlet Air handler with Air Filter- Micro, HEPA and Heat Exchanger Steam or Electric. • Exhaust air blower with dynamic balance fan. • Automatic Temperature controls for Inlet Air and Process cycle time controls. • Washable filter media, FDA approved. • Auto pneumatic filter bag shacking system. • Sampling pot on product container. • Electric and Pneumatic controls panel.  Optional Features : • Additional Product container. • Advance PLC controls with touch screen • Double scan AHU with Dehumidifier. • Steam or Electric Heater • Exhaust AHU with Filter • Silencer at exhaust blower. • CIP - WIP system. • Explosion proof motor and push button. • Solid flow detection System. • Differential Pressure gauge for filter. • Standard model machine with contact parts in S.304 & Non contact parts epoxy painted.  Safety Features : • Product Bowl interlocking mechanism. • Automatic Temperature & controls, Process cycle controls. • Explosion flap ensure at retarding chamber. • Safe earthling system for static current. • Air pressure switch installed to ensure pressure is in limit. • Overload relay Protection and Emergency stop button.
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 Automatic Tablet Coater- Film & Sugar Coating  High Efficiency and Intelligent Automatic Tablet Film & Sugar Coating Technic  Application & Process : 1. The Prism's advanced high efficiency automated tablet coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industries. Featuring mechatronis and confirming to the requirement of cGMP. It is a high efficiency, energy saving, safe and clean equipment for film and sugar coating of tablets, Pills and candies with organic film, aqueous coating and sugar film etc. 2. Automatic Tablet Coater is designed for the application of: Film Coating with organic solvent, Enteric Coating and aqueous coating Sugar Coating  Working Principle : 1. The tablet to be coated make continuous complicated orbital motion the closed rotating Drum under the action of a streamline of Baffles. During the motion coating medium automatically sprays according to the technological process and rational technological parameters, at the same time hot filtered air supplied under a negative pressure. The hot air penetrates through the tablets core layers and is discharged from the bottom of the layers, so that the coating medium sprayed on the surface of the tablet cores will dry rapidly and evenly, thus forming a solid and smooth surface film on tablet. The whole process is finished under the automatic by PLC Controls with touch screen Interface.  Salient Features : • Design is cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance. • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304. • Fully automatic film & sugar coating process by PLC Controls with HMI Touch screen. • Flexible batch operations • Complete separation of production and technical area • Extremely user friendly software and operation through PLC • The machine structure made from S.S.304 quality fitted with Closed Drive, Perforated Pan, Washing sink, Inlet air plenum, Exhaust air plenum with Air tight door. • Excellent mixing and tumbling by special design of removable on each sloping face of the pan and anti sliding baffles provided on perforated diagonal face. • Perforated Pan having variable speed through AC frequency Drive. • Pan mouth closed with Stainless steel door with a glass for process visualization. • A stainless steel 316 sinks at bottom of pan for collection of powder with necessary stainless steel piping with tri-clover joints for ease of cleaning during the changeover. • FLP Fluorescent Light is provided for illumination inside the pan • All doors, safety guards and covers are provided with a silicon food grade seals • Automatic Spraying systems provided with Atomized spray Gun, Adjustable spray gun arms, High precise flow peristaltic pump, solution holding tank with pneumatic stirrer. • Front Entry stainless steel arm, with facility to adjust the angle of spray guns is provided. • Inlet air and Exhaust air plenum provided with silicon seal with easy removable for cleaning. • Inlet air and outlet air will be controlled by pneumatic operated damper which is provided on top of the machine and at inlet and outlet duck. • Inlet air and Exhaust air flow controls through AC Frequency drive of both blower. • Inlet Air handling unit made from double screen insulated with puff with inside stainless steel 304 quality and outside powder coated. The Inlet air handling units fitted with Pre filter- 10 micron, Inlet air blower with motor, Dehumiditifier- child water circulation coil, Stainless steel 304 quality Steam/ Electric heat exchanger with fins, Final filter with 5 micron, HEPA filter -0.3 micron. • Exhaust Air handling unit provided with dust collection system with 5 micron filter or wet scrubber and exhaust blower. The Exhaust air dust collector unit is made from .S.S.304 Quality. • Treatment of exhaust air for pollution free operation. • The Entire Inlet Air handler and Exhaust air unit to be install in technical service area. • Tablet discharging facility will be through the special diverter assembly • Advanced CIP /WIP System is provided for pan internal by spraying ball and outer washing by spraying nozzle both side. The complete system will operate and controls through machine PLC for washing cycle for Plain water, Detergent, Hot water, Distilled water and Drying by air. • All motor are flam proof/ Explosion proof provided. • Advance PLC Controls system with HMI- color Touch screen provided of Allen Bradley/ Siemens make for complete automatic coating process and batch data receipt management . Also option for SCADA connectivity with FDA 21 CFR part 11 • The machine instruction manual and Validation document provided for DQ, FAT, IQ, SAT and OQ with test and calibration certificate.  Optional Features : • Interchangeable Pan • Solid Pan for confectionery products. • Wet Scrubber • Dry Dust Collector • Dehumidifier • Steam or Electric Heat Exchanger. • Tablets charging by bin loader. • SCADA Connectivity.
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 Colloid Mill  Superfine grind, Homogenizing, Dispersing, Mixing and emulsifying in single process  Application & Process : 1. A colloid mill is a machine that is used to reduce the particle size of a solid in suspension in a liquid, or to reduce the droplet size of a liquid suspended in another liquid. This is done by applying high levels of hydraulic shear to the process liquid. It is frequently used to increase the stability of suspensions and emulsions. The colloid mill is used for various applications such as Superfine grinding, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, mixing and extracting of liquids, ointments and highly viscous products in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, suspensions & emulsion industry. 2. The product is fed to the hopper which leads the product into the gap between rotor and stator. The product is subjected to a high degree of shearing, cutting and rubbing between two metal toothed surfaces of rotor and stator and towards the discharge section. The processed product continuously leaves the mill through drain pipe if required, it can be re-circulated by three way cock and re-circulating pipe assembly.  Salient Features : • Design is cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance. • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304. • Easy to adjustment gap between rotor and stator. • Three way cock assembly with re-circulating pipe. • Easy to Moveable and dismantle all contact parts for cleaning. • Silicon food grade seal. • Separate discharge spout for highly viscous products.  Optional Features : • Horizontal / Vertical Drive. • Water cooling system. • Flame Proof Electrical.  Safety Features : • Overload pressure release mechanism.
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 Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer  High precision low temperature vacuum Drying & Mixing Process Technology • Application & Process : 1. The Roto Double Cone Vacuum Dryer is suitable for drying the material which can not operate at low Temperature easily oxidized, poisonous in nature. The Double Cone Rotating Vacuum Drying Equipment is a new drier that integrates mixing and drying in the one body and equips with condenser and vacuum pump. Therefore the vacuum drier is formed. The drier is advanced in design, simple in inner structure, easy for cleaning, to discharge all raw material, convenient in operation and improving work environment. Meanwhile raw material is rotating accompanying with the rotating of container; raw materials cannot be accumulated onto the wall of container, so it has high efficiency heat transfer and high speed drying which save energy. Raw materials are dried uniformly and have good quality at low temperature. It can widely apply to dry raw materials of pharmaceuticals, chemical, Pesticides, foodstuff , dyestuff and so on industries. The equipment is in conformity with the requirements of "GMP". If the solvent does not recover, the condenser may be not used. • Material that cannot undertake high temperature. • Material that is easy to oxidize. • Material that do not permit to destruct. • To recover material with residual volatile. • Material with vigorous irritative and toxicity 2. The Roto Cone Vacuum Drier consists of a jacketed double conical shell rotating around 6 RPM with under the state of vacuum inside the shell, pass steam or hot water in to jacket for heating. The large heating surface area presented by the internals of the cone ensures uniform drying of the product, as the product gently tumbles while the cone rotates slowly. The vaporized steam can be pumped out through vacuum exhaust pipe when the damp raw material absorbed heat. The diffusive action induced by the tumbling cone constantly presents a fresh layer to come into contact with the indirectly heated walls of the shell, the dry speed of raw material is quickened and uniform drying efficiency is raised too. A well designed sealing system enable maintenance of deep vacuum inside the shell, and also ensures positive circulation of a heating media in the jacket. • Salient Features : • Design is cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance • All Product contact parts AISI 316/ 316L & non contact parts AISI 304. • Simple & compact Design for Easy to operate, clean, convenient & user friendly. • Automated mixing and Drying process in single bowl. • Dust free operation. • High vacuum operation • Low temperature drying. • Solvent recovery • Continuous rotation of container, material will make complex impacting motion in the container and reach to uniform mixing and drying at low temperature.. • Continues vacuum maintenance during process. • Vacuumized closed system with condenser, Receiver for solvent recovery & Cyclone separator to recovery the solid particle. • Rapid & Complete discharge / Zero holdup after discharge • The product dried is homogeneous with uniform properties. • Very low value of final moisture even at low drying temperatures. • Inside Filter assembly with 5 Micron. • Safety Features : • Temperature controls, Process controls, Vacuum relief valve, Over load protection and Emergency stop.  Optional Features : • Option for advance PLC Controls with HMI touch screen.. • Option for Flame Proof Electrical. • Option for lump breaker. • Option for condenser, Receiver & Cyclone for solvent recovery. • Option for heating media steam/ hot water / hot oil.
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 Blenders - Double Cone Blender  Effective Process Technic of uniform mixing, lubricating & blending of dry powder & granules • Application & Process : 1. Blenders are used for mixing, lubricating and blending in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, Chemical, cosmetics, ceramics, pesticide, plastics and other Allied industries 2. The Double shape blenders have long two corner of product container for more rubbing and tumbler effect to the material for fast and homogenizing mixing. It can perform homogenously dry mixing of free flowing powders, granules requiring low shearing force, Mixing and Blending of particles with rapid intermixing of particles irrespective of varying specific gravities. The material is loaded into the double cone blender drum. The double blender is tumbles the material in the container and spread out. The mixing is achieved in 5 to 15 minutes with better homogeneity.  Salient Features : • Design is cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance • All Product contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304. • Double Cone shape product container for Ideal dry mixer for lubrication of granules and homogenization mixing of multiple batches in to single batch. • Available Capacity model in octagonal blender 25 kg to 2500 kg batch size.. • Enclosed rigid drive with reduction gear box and motor. • "A" type rigid structure of the machine with two sides resting of product container. • Product container having discharge with butterfly valve and man hole. • Charging hole with hinged lid with seal for charging and cleaning. • The product container rotates on sped 8 RPM. • Safety reeling provided for rotating area of product container. • Fixed baffles provided for lumps braking. • Electric controls panel with cycle time.  Safety Features : • Safety reeling with limit switch. • Overload protection and emergency stop.  Optional Features : • Charging Option: 1. Loading & Unloading by Product container with Jacking trolley. 2. Vacuum conveying system. 3. Bin loading by hydraulic hoist. • Rotary Intensifier with AC variable drive. • AC Frequency variable drive for product container. • PLC Controls with HMI touch screen, • Flame proof motor and Push Button station. • Inline milling and loading with vacuum transfer systems.